Nature For All

·         The mission of Parques Nacionales Naturales #Natureforall

Parques Nacionales Naturales de Colombia is an institution with jurisdiction in the entire national territory that, through the Strategy of Communications and Environmental Education, performs efforts to promote the social valuation of the natural heritage and arouse the participation of citizens in the processes of conservation of our biodiversity.


  1. Parques Nacionales Naturales commits to connect citizens to the protected areas by consolidating community collectives which built and communicate the message of conservation in their own language and means. That is how we are going to keep promoting #Natureforall

  2. Parques Nacionales Naturales will continue generating educative spaces such as the program  Colegio al Parque (School to the Park) in which the educative community lives meaningful pedagogic experiences that bring students and teachers closer to the protected areas on behalf of #Natureforall

  3. The Voluntary Park Ranger Program has contributed for more than 20 years to the conservation of biodiversity thanks to the efforts of civil society, which we will keep encouraging in order to protect #Natureforall