Chingaza National Natural Park Participated in the First Campesino (Peasant Farmer) Assembly for the Protection of the Andean Bear

In the framework of implementation of the regional program for the conservation of the Andean bear, Chingaza National Natural Park participated in the First Campesino Assembly “Little bear, where do you come from”, with the community of Choachi, Cundinamarca.

The Assembly’s objective was to reach youth and adults in the community to explain to them the importance of conservation and protection of this species, which is in danger of extinction, and at the same time to teach them what to do in case of an encounter with this animal in the wild.

During the event, Chingaza NNP led some game activities focusing on the dissemination of the principal aspects of the Andean bear and its importance in the forest as seed disperser and as scavenger, and the direct bonds between the community and Parques Nacionales Naturales de Colombia to achieve preservation of the species.

Similarly, the Park presented audiovisual and camera-trapping records of the bears in the Chingaza region to the Assembly participants, and also the bear monitoring activities of the Park and the current state of the species under the pressures it is subjected to.

The event took place in Choachi, in Cundinamarca, since this municipality is part of the protected area and has historically had problems with hunting and livestock farming in the zone of influence of the Park through which these animals often move.

Among others, the Empresa de Acueducto de Bogota, the Fundación Wii and the Jaime Duque Park participated in the event with environmental education activities such as traveling exhibitions, games and a panel discussion where the different communities and institutions working for the protection of the species talked about their experiences.

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