Environmental Services

  • Conservation objectives for the area:
    • To contribute to the preservation of marine-coastal ecosystems, such as coral reefs, rocky littorals, beaches, mangroves and humid tropical forest, as well as of wild life subject to man-caused stress, and all landscape resources associated with them, as the only protected area in the Colombian Northern Pacific.
    • To contribute to the preservation of migrating species arriving at the NNP Utria, as well as species in any risk category within the protected area.
    • To foster the permanence of the Alto del Buey hydrographic source, on the Baudo mountain range, and all other minor hydric sources located within NNP Utria, which serve the local communities.
    • To contribute to the protection of natural and cultural values within NNP Utria associated to the Embera indigenous community, and to the black communities in the area.