• According to the 2013 IDEAM[1] classification of hydrological zones, the NNP Sierra de La Macarena belongs to the Guaviare zone. Out of the total park extension, 64.1% belongs to the Alto Guaviare hydrological zone, with the remaining 33.6% thus distributed: Guape river (24.1%), Güejar river (6%) and Guayabero river (4%). Out of the total area of the Alto Guaviare hydrological zone, comprising 1036916 hectares, the park encompasses 39% -that is 402537 hectares. The Guape river subzone encircles 38% (145806 hectares) of the total area. Also, the Güejar river subzone comprises 11% (35604 hectares). The Guayabero river subzone has the smallest presence in the park, with only 3% of the total area –that is 21846 hectares out of the total 627138 hectares.

[1] Spanish acronym for Institute for Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies