How to get there

Land routes: Bogota-Villavicencio-Granada, where the administrative center for the NNP Sierra de La Macarena is located (Calle 14 # 12-08 Barrio Centro, Phone number (098) 6586673). From Granada, go to the San Juan de Arama township and upon arrival at the bifurcation take the Mesetas road (approximately 7 kilometers), to the Curia town, and take the trail to the Cerrillo sector (approximately 3 kilometers), to the old administrative center. There you will find La Recebera and the Indio Acostado, both ecotouristic interest sites.

Land route from Bogota: Drive to Neiva-Florencia-San Vicente del Caguan (Las sabanas del Yari)-La Macarena, Meta to visit Caño Cristales (approximately 16 hours).

Air route: Fly from Bogota to Villavicencio (30-minute flight) and drive from Villavicencio to the La Macarena township (approximately 1 hour) to visit Caño Cristales.

Marine route: From San Jose del Guaviare sail upstream on the Guayabero river to the La Macarena township (approximately 8 hours) during the cold season (March to December) to visit Caño Cristales.