Enviromental Services

  • The NNP Sierra de La Macarena belongs to the Macarena SMA, which includes the protected areas of Los Picachos mountain range, Tinigua and Sumapaz. As such, the NNP contributes significantly to the rendering of provision ecosystemic services such as water supplying. It also contributes to regulation services, such as moderation of mass movement, even in extreme events such as rainfall or flooding, in regulation water flow and biomass carbon sequestration. All of these services are fundamental for the perpetuation of other services, such as maintaining life cycles and genetic diversity.

Just as important are cultural ecosystemic services such as recreation and ecotourism; spiritual, research and educational, religious, historical and cultural services, all of which are provided against the backdrop of beautiful landscapes (Caño Cristales, Santo Domingo falls, Raudal I and II, Caño Canoas, Cascada Sardinata, etc.), samples of material patrimony (pictograms) left behind by communities who once inhabited the area, which is known as an exceptional place for the development and evolution of vegetation and fauna from Amazon, Guinean, Andean and Orinoquian origin.

The existence of ecosystems such as flooding forests is outstanding, as they are regarded as connectors to rivers’s and streams’s flooding planes, these being especially relevant for weather regulation and material flow as they help in moderating extreme hydrometeorological events by flooding, as well as to mitigate climate change due to their potential to sequester carbon in aerial biomass, per the 2013 IDEAM results.