• The NNP Sierra de La Macarena features four general biomes: Amazon-Orinoquia Humid tropical Zonobiome; Amazon-Orinoquia Helobiome, La Macarena orobiome, and Amazon-Orinoquia Peinobiome. Likewise, the humid Amazon-Orinoquia Zonobiome which according to the updating of the Park Management Plan would technically be rainforest (including the mountains, but which strictly would correspond to the La Macarena orobiome) the Amazon-Orinoquia helobiome to the so-called floodable forest. As for the Amazon-Orinoquia peinobiome, no equivalence is found with the biomes already defined for the Park.

The rainforest (humid tropical Zonobiome) takes up 83% of the protected area, with 502986 hectares including the mountains, whereas the floodable forest (helobiome) takes up 78215 hectares (13%), mainly along the Guayabero river. The bush savannah and rocky vegetation are barely present in the protected area, extending over 24433 hectares south of the mountains, being only 4% of the area.

It is noteworthy that considering the occupation processes undergone by the park, and according to the Corine Land Cover soil covers classification (2012), there is a total intervention for these four biomes of 66960 hectares, with the humid tropical Zonobiome being the most affected (68%), chiefly due to cattle and agricultural activity in areas greater than 50 hectares. The second most affected biome is the Amazon-Orinoquia helobiome with an affectation of 27%.