Ecotourism Services

For the comfort of visitors the park has accommodation in the ecohabs, confortable cabins with an indigenous inspired motif, designed by architect Fernando Samper Salazar, that blends beautifully with the landscape. It also has a camping area, trails, parking space, restaurants and auditoriums in the Cañaveral and Arrecifes sectors. The entrance control sites are at El Zaíno (Cañaveral), Palangana and Calabazo. There is also a marine entrance control area in Cabo San Juan de Guía.

Guide for a Sustainable Visit – Playa La Piscina Natural

Guide for a Sustainable Visit – Playa La Piscinita

Camping Area

For the adventurous, there are camping areas with all the appropriate facilities to accommodate up to 400 visitors in Arrecifes and 200 in Cañaveral.

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There is an auditorium with capacity for 120 people, designed to integrate a meeting space within the beauty of nature.

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The different sectors of the Park have restaurants operated by different tourism service providers where you can find typical dishes of the region and beverages.

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There is parking in four sectors of the Park in open, non-demarcated spaces, except for the two parking areas in Cañaveral, which are demarcated and have 24-hour surveillance. There are also parking zones in Bahía Concha, Gaycara and Neguanje operated by locals who are responsible for their security. Remember that park opening hours are from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

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There is internet service only in Cañaveral sector; the restaurant has Wi-Fi and there are two computers connected to internet for the free use of guests.

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You can spend unforgettable nights in the two sites for hammocks in Arrecifes sector with capacity for up to 80 visitors.

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Diving Center

Though you can scuba dive in Isla Aguja and Granate, there is no diving center within the park. The operators of this service are located in Taganga, Santa Marta and Rodadero.

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The Park offers different types of accommodation for all kinds of tastes and budgets. In Cañaveral sector there are 14 ecohabs, within 6 cabins with characteristic architecture of the Tayrona indigenous culture. In Arrecifes sector there is a camping area.

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