How to Get There

San Lorenzo Experimental Station

The Station is located outside the protected area on the hill of the same name. From Santa Marta you take a road for approximately 42 km to the village of Minca, then to El Campano and then at Bellavista you turn towards San Lorenzo Experimental Station located next to the protected area. The first 25 kilometers are paved after which a four-wheel drive vehicle is necessary. The trip lasts 3 hours approximately from Santa Marta to San Lorenzo.

Teyuna Sector – Lost City

Managed by the Instituto Colombiano de AntropologĂ­a e Historia, the Archeological Park is found within the Kogui-Malayo-Arhuaco Indigenous Reserve and inside the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta National Natural Park. The authorized access route is through the village of El Mamey (corregimiento de Guachaca), about one hour by car from Santa Marta. From El Mamey you must hike for approximately 23.3 kilometers to the Archeological Park. The last 6 kilometers are inside the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta National Natural Park. Depending on individual physical fitness levels, it takes about 3 days hiking up and 2 days coming down. Since the trail to the Lost City is not clearly demarcated and you can get easily lost, the ICANH, Parques Nacionales Naturales and the indigenous authorities demands that visitors hire a trail guide.