Ecotourism activities

1. Trail walking, since visitors can come close to the indigenous communities and their ancestral knowledge by way of the natural trails and village roads and because it mixes the physical challenge, the environment and the native cultures in each one of the strenuous day hikes to reach the Lost City.

2. Trekking, since each visitor must walk, on his/her own, the 23.3 kilometers of long and steep hikes, crossing rivers and streams and immersing his or herself in the thick green jungles full of wildlife during 5 or 6 days in this isolated place without the communications, facilities or conveniences of the cities.

Photography and Video

The scenic beauty of the Sierra Nevada is the perfect place for this activity, but if the photos or video are intended for commercial use or publication you must first get a permit from Parques Nacionales Naturales de Colombia to carry out this activity.

PNN de Colombia

Research and Environmental Education

The exuberant nature of the protected area and its state of conservation make it an ideal place for scientific research. Since the area overlaps with indigenous reserves, the procedures established by the Ministry of Interior for research with indigenous communities are obligatory. Education institutions carry out environmental education activities in the park, as do the park rangers who speak to the visitors about the Park, its conservation objectives and ecotourism services and activities.

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Hiking and Trekking

Teyuna or Lost City Sector: Around 5 day trekking route, 3 going up and 2 coming down. You can find various types of infrastructure for transit and accommodation of visitors on the trail. San Lorenzo Sector: an average difficulty hike to the San Lorenzo stream for about 1½ hours where you can see a 15 meter-high waterfall, wildlife and sub Andean forest. High difficulty trail to the Gaira river source, for about 5 hours where you can see a 30 meter-high waterfall.

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Fauna and Flora Observation

The Sierra Nevada is ideal for people interested in fauna and flora. It has land mammals such as the jaguar, the paramo deer and the danta or tapir. The Sierra has 44 of the 340 endemic species of Colombia. Additionally, the Park has 49 of the 3,057 endangered species of Colombia and 126 endemic plant species registered so far.

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Cultural Heritage Observation

The Sierra was the birthplace of the Tayrona, the most monumental and unique indigenous culture to have existed in the country. Descendants of that culture still live there with around 70,000 indigenous peoples of the Kogui, Arhuaco, Wiwa and Kankuamo ethnicities.

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Bird Watching

Colombia has the greatest number of bird species in the world, which makes it a frequented destination for professional and amateur birdwatchers. Additionally, the Sierra has Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBA) in the areas of Rio Frio, San Lorenzo and San Salvador. Among the species that can be observed are the gavilán pollero, condor, lora serrana, paujil.

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The park has various archeological sites among which is Teyuna (the Lost City), the most important historical and architectural finding in Colombia. This archeological heritage site is located approximately at 1,700 MASL on the Buritaca River basin.

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