Ecotourism Activities

The Park is perfect for ecotourism due to its amazing beauty, diversity of terrestrial and marine ecosystems, the kindness of the locals and the variety of activities that can be done. There are local guides that offer services to the different attractions and they rent the necessary equipment.

Hiking and Aquatic Circuits

Crab Cay Trail is a mere 100 meters in length and easy to walk, where you can bathe in calm transparent waters. Iron Wood Hill Trail is ideal for observing the landscape of the dry forest, the mangrove forest and the terrestrial fauna and only 3,000 meters in length, medium difficulty. You can also kayak through the reef lagoon on the way to Crab Cay, bordering the mangrove forest and entering Oyster Creek to get a different perspective of the mangrove forest. This lagoon is also home to a prairie of seagrass peppered with small patches of coral.

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Photography and Video

The scenic beauty of Macuira NNP make it an ideal place for this activity, although, if the photos or video are intended for commercial use or publication, a permit must be obtained from Parques Nacionales Naturales

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Research and Environmental Education

The exuberant nature of the protected area and its state of conservation make it an ideal place for scientific research. Additionally, as in all the parks with ecotourism, education institutions carry out environmental education activities in the park, as do the park rangers who speak to the visitors about the Park, its conservation objectives and ecotourism services and activities.

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Fauna and Flora Observation

It is the perfect place to observe fauna and flora. The land fauna consists primarily of reptiles such as iguanas, the penny, jack and blue lizards; and of resident and migratory birds. Marine fauna is also very diverse. The best sites for this activity are Crab Cay, White Shoal, McBean Mangrove and Iron Wood Hill.

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You can observe submarine fauna and flora in the coral reefs in the sectors of Crab Cay and White Shoal (Hippieā€™s Place). The underwater landscape is striking with diversity of species of reef and of shapes and colors.

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