How to get there

There are two access routes:

From Riohacha, you take the road to the municipality of Uribia (last place to get trip supplies), from here you travel to Bahía Portete (4 hours approximately), then 115 kilometers to Nazareth that can take up to 8 hours in dry season. We recommend you make the last part of this route during dry season (in rainy season it is impenetrable) in a four-wheel drive vehicle and always with a Wayuu guide.

Through Venezuela (Venezuelan visa is necessary): take the road towards Maicao and Paraguachón from Riohacha and after crossing the borderline, take the road towards Castilletes. Abandon this road in front of the Serranía de Cojoro and enter Colombia again to travel towards Siapana and Nazareth by way of another system of dirt roads. You need a four-wheel drive vehicle and a guide for this route.