Ecotourism Activities

Hiking and Trekking

Hiking and trekking are among the favorite activities, which, in addition to unforgettable walks, panoramic views and crystalline bathing sites, allow the visitor contact with the Wayuu culture and to see a great variety of flora and fauna. There are numerous trails of varying difficulties that can be done with an authorized guide and after registering in the visitors’ book.

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Bird Watching

Colombia is the country with the most bird species in the world, which is why it is a touristic destination for amateur and professional bird watchers. Additionally, Macuira NNP is considered an important bird conservation area with species such as blue-crowned motmots, wrens, finches and red-legged honeycreepers, among others.

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Fauna and Flora Observation

It is the perfect place to observe fauna and flora. Among the mammals, there are onzas, white-faced monkeys, anteaters, tiger cats, skunks, peccaries and squirrels. It also has more than 15 species of snakes and many and varied species of insects. The Park’s flora is also diverse including 349 species, ten of which are endemic.

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Cultural Heritage Observation

The social organization of the Wayuu is structured around matrilineal castes or clans, from which the different families result and get grouped in rancherías or patrias. The Park has many places of environmental and cultural interest but to visit them you must travel with an authorized guide and get registered in the visitors’ book.

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Research and Environmental Education

The exuberant nature of the protected area and its state of conservation make it an ideal place for scientific research. Additionally, as in all the parks with ecotourism, education institutions carry out environmental education activities in the park, as do the park rangers who speak to the visitors about the Park, its conservation objectives and ecotourism services and activities.

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Photography and Video

The scenic beauty of Macuira NNP make it an ideal place for this activity, although, if the photos or video are intended for commercial use or publication, a permit must be obtained from Parques Nacionales Naturales.

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