Ecotourism Activities

Among the major ecotourism attractions are the Laguna Grande and Navío Quebrado lagoons; Chentico pond; Tococo, Boca de Camarones and Camarones sectors; the communities at Perico and Cari Cari; and Perratpu indigenous reserve which includes the settlements of Loma Fresca, Tocoromana and Puerto Chentico. In addition to Los Mangles Visitor Center and the Guanebucane Administrative Center, you can visit La Pitilla cabin from which you can have a panoramic view of Navío Quebrado lagoon and its flocks of flamingos.


Because it is a largely aquatic area, it has very few hiking opportunities but one of the most recommended internal circuits is the boat tour around the Navío Quebrado lagoon. The community-based ecotourism operators guide the visitor around in a rowboat while highlighting the natural and cultural features of the zone.

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Fauna and Flora Observation

Lagoon complexes, rivers and the Caribbean Sea converge in the protected area and produce a combination of fresh water and seawater creating landscapes and habitats for numerous species to admire and contemplate. It is a migration corridor for sea turtles such as the leatherback, loggerhead, Hawksbill and Green sea turtles.

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Cultural Heritage Observation

The local cultural traditions such as folkloric dances, gastronomy, games, traditional medicine, myths and legends of the local Wayuu communities and handcraft exhibitions can be seen in the villages. You can also visit the Luis Antonio Robles Cultural Center in Camarones village.

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Bird Watching

Colombia has the greatest number of bird species in the world, which is why it is a frequent tourism destination for amateur and professional bird watchers. Through trails, observation platforms and small canoes called cayucos, you can observe numerous species of birds such as the vermilion cardinal and the emblematic pink flemencos in the Navío Quebrado lagoon and Laguna Grande. There are other representative birds such as plovers, ibis, northern shoveller ducks and palguarata.

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