There are several settlements inside the protected area such as Perico, La Y, La Guasima, Los Cocos, Palaima, Cari Cari, and the communities of Tocoromana, Loma Fresca and Puerto Chentico that are part of Perratpu indigenous reserve, for a total population of about 1.500 people. The main economic activity is subsistence fishing that takes place between May and June and November to February when climatic conditions are beneficial due to periods of rain. Some people are dedicated to tourism, which has increased in the last few years. Other activities are grazing (goat raising and, in lesser proportion, cattle), collection of salt from the lagoons and production of handcrafts, mainly done by the Wayuu women.

Wayuu Ethnic Group

The Wayuu indigenous people have occupied the Guajira peninsula during centuries. They have a subsistence economy with grazing, artisanal fishing, handcrafts and seasonal agriculture depending on the rainy season. Their cultural obligations, like ritual payments, are an important part of the economic capacity of indigenous castes and families. According to their cosmovision, the spirit of the wind moves the clouds that fertilize the mountains with rain. In their holistic way of thinking, nature is intimately connected to the future of the human race.

Illustration: Andrés Urquina