Corales del Rosario y de San Bernardo NNP has 12 settlements in its zone of influence; these are inhabited by populations which derive their livelihood from economic activities around the Park and from marine and coastal resources. Some of the communities have been recognized as people of African descent by the State and Resolution 3393 from 2014 has granted collective titling to the community in the Orika (Isla Grande) village. Other adjacent settlements are Ararca, Santana, BarĂº, Santa Cruz del Islote, Puerto Caracol, among others. The majority of the population lives from making handcrafts from wood and coconut, growing crops on small patches of land, extracting recourses from the mangrove swamps, artisanal fishing and, increasingly, from tourism. Isla Grande is the epicenter of economic activity for the populations from the islands of Rosario archipelago and the inhabitants of BarĂº, Santa Ana and Ararca because of the great influence of tourism in the Playa Blanca sector; these are the main communities in the area of influence of the Park because of their closeness and reliance on it.