Ecotourism Activities

There are interpretative trails where you can enjoy observation of fauna and flora, especially bird watching, some of which are endemic to the region; photography and video are also allowed.


El Río Trail: Parallel to the Otún River, it traverses La Mula stream (1 km, 1½ hours, low difficulty). Bejucos Trail: Circuit where you can see vegetation succession (1.4 km, 1½ hours, medium difficulty). El Humedal Trail: Circuit where you can see sub Andean forest in process of regeneration (1.5 km, 2 hours, medium difficulty).

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Photography and Video

The scenic beauty of the Sanctuary make it an ideal place for this activity, although, if the photos or video are intended for commercial use or publication, a permit must be obtained from Parques Nacionales Naturales.

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Research and Environmental Education

The exuberant nature of the protected area and its state of conservation make it an ideal place for scientific research. Additionally, as in all the parks with ecotourism, education institutions carry out environmental education activities in the park, as do the park rangers who speak to the visitors about the Park, its conservation objectives and ecotourism services and activities.

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Bird Watching

Colombia is the country with the most bird species in the world, which makes it a touristic destination for amateur and professional bird watchers. The Sanctuary has two species of antpitta, red-ruffed fruitcrow and Andean cock-of-the-rock, among more than three hundred reported species.

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Fauna and Flora Observation

It is a privileged place to observe some amazing species of mammals and birds. Among the mammals, you can see howler monkey, gray-bellied night monkey, mountain paca, common agouti, fox, red squirrel and mountain tapir, the latter common to the entire upper Otún River basin.

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