More than 340 species of flora have been recorded where the following predominate: motilón dulce (Hieronyma macrocarpa), myrtle (Eugenia sp.), fragua (Befaria glauca), cerote (Hesperomeles glabrata), canelón (Drymis granantesis), siete cueros (Tibouchina sp.), encino churoso (Weinmannia tomentosa) and moquillo (Saurauia sccabra), among others. The most common epiphytes are the bromeliads, which can be seen from the forest floor to the top of the canopy, as well as orchids and anthurium. The totora or large Andean reed (Schoenoplectus californicus) belt that surrounds the island is an aquatic ecosystem, which provides refuge and habitat to aquatic birds, amphibians and fish.