Environmental Services

Among the main ecosystem services of the Sanctuary are its contribution to the protection and conservation of biodiversity, the beauty of the landscape, recreation and tourism. The latter is especially important for the area since it receives around 30,000 national and foreign visitors annually. These visitors are beneficial to the communities around the Sanctuary since they sustain the economy of the region.

Conservation Objectives:

  • To preserve and protect insular lacustrine Andean forest in the north Andes ecoregiĆ³n in the Nudo de los Pastos, for its ecological value and potential in the preservation of goods and services in the region.
  • To preserve and protect totora (Schoenoplectus californicus) as an aquatic ecosystem and resident and migratory bird habitat in the protected area and buffer zone.
  • To contribute with the protection of populations of flora and fauna in the insular lacustrine Andean forest and totora in the context of the Laguna de La Cocha Ramsar wetland.