How to get there

There are three routes to the touristic area of the Park on its western side:

From Bogotá: (440km, about 11 hours) following the route through Tunja, Duitama, Santa Rosa, Cerinza, Belén, Susacón, up to Soatá. From there, there are two routes to the municipalities of El Cocuy and Güicán:

  • Tipacoque – Capitanejo – El Espino – Panqueba – El Cocuy or Güicán.
  • Boavita – La Uvita – San Mateo – Guacamayas – Panqueba – El Cocuy or Güicán.

The 43k-road separating El Cocuy and Güicán branches off into the three main access points to the Park: Valle de Lagunillas (on the south), Hacienda la Esperanza (at the center) and Ritakuwas (on the north). There are about 2 hours to the Park’s entrance points from El Cocuy or Güicán, through unpaved roads in regular condition fit only for four-wheel drive vehicles.

From Bucaramanga: to Málaga and from there to Capitanejo, El Espino, Panqueba, El Cocuy or Güicán (about 8 to 12 hours).

From the Llanos Orientales (Eastern Plains): you have access through Yopal, Sogamoso, Duitama, Belén, Soatá and from there to El Cocuy or Güicán (about 10 to 12 hours). You can also access the Park through Tame, Sácama, Chita to El Cocuy (about 8 hours).