Ecotourism Services

The Park’s ecotourism services, such as accommodation, food, guidance and transportation, are managed by ASEGUICOC, the community-based ecotourism association, which you must contact directly for reservations and information. For your comfort and a pleasant visit, you can enjoy the following services:


The Park has a cabin for visitor accommodation called Refugio de Montaña Sisuma, which is managed by the local community-based ecotourism association. The cabin is located at he Park’s border at 4,000 MASL in the middle of Valle de Lagunillas and in front of the Pan de Azúcar and Campanillas peaks.

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Camping zone

Authorized zones for this service are as follows: Lagunillas and Boquerón del Cusirí Trail – Sisuma Cabin and Lajas on the way to Púlpito del Diablo and the Pan de Azúcar peaks; Grande de la Sierra Lagoon Trail – Cueva del Hombre, Playa Media and Playa Blanca; Ritacubas Trail – Playitas.

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Food services are provided at the Sisuma Cabin or in the houses of nearby locals and guides.

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