The hydrographic network of the Park and its buffer zone belong to two great water basins: the Magdalena river basin represented by the Suaza and Guarapas rivers that originate in the western slopes of the Eastern mountain range and the Caqueta river basin, formed mainly by the Agachado tributary and La Fraguosa stream, where the Fragua Grande river originates, and by the Pescado river, which originates between mount Punta and mount Gacho on the eastern side of the same mountain range. There are four small wetlands (less than one hectare in size): one on the left side of the Suaza river in front of Lapiaz, also known as La Cascada; the second one is on the right side of the Roble Negro trail, at the point called La Hacienda; the third is in the north side of the Park on the access trail through Acevedo; and the fourth in La Argelia in the south-central sector.