Ecotourism Services

Cueva de los Guácharos National Natural Park is temporarily closed to the public due to the construction of a wastewater treatment system.

Cueva de los Guácharos NNP has the following ecotourism services:

Camping Zone

The camping area has enough space for 10 tents for a total of 24 people (8 camping sites for up to 2 people each and 2 sites for up to 4 people each). Visitors must bring their own tents and camping equipment. The camping area also has two bathrooms with showers, a cooking area with one stove and a dining area.

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Interpretation Center

The Park has two (2) Environmental Interpretation Centers in Palestina and Acevedo, in Huila. They have photography galleries and illustrated models of the protected area with audio guides. Additionally, in the Interpretation Center in Palestina you will find a simulation of Los Guácharos and El Indio caves through which you will have a visual and sound experience to activate your senses and be carried away by the images and sounds of this beautiful natural paradise.

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Visitor Center

Andaquí Visitors Center has accommodation services provided by the community-based ecotourism operator. For information and reservations please contact the operator directly.

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The restaurant service is managed by the community-based ecotourism operator. There are also some stoves available for the camping area, where visitors must provide their own food supplies and cooking utensils.

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