Ecotourism Activities

The Park’s infrastructure facilitates activities related to scientific research, environmental education, ecotourism as well as other activities such as caving, photography and video. But hiking is the main activity allowing for the observation of cultural heritage and flora and fauna, especially birds.

Cultural Heritage Observation

Visitors can come in contact with the cultural heritage of the indigenous peoples who arrived to the southeast region of Huila, where the park is located, after the Independence Wars, as well as with the culture of peasant farmer populations that live in the vicinity of the Park.

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There are four trails in the Park: Roble Negro (6 hours return, 3.9 km and high difficulty); Camino de los Gigantes (4 hours return, 2.7 km and medium difficulty); Lluvia de cristales (4 hours return, 1.7 km and medium difficulty); Cascada de Colores (6 hours return, 3.1 km and high difficulty).

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Research and Environmental Education

The exuberant nature of the protected area and its state of conservation make it an ideal place for scientific research. Additionally, as in all the parks with ecotourism, education institutions carry out environmental education activities in the park, as do the park rangers who speak to the visitors about the Park, its conservation objectives and ecotourism services and activities.

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Bird Watching

Colombia is the country with the most bird species in the world, which is why it is a touristic destination for amateur and professional bird watchers. The Park is habitat to 300 species of birds such as oilbird, Andean cock-of-the-rock and torrent duck, among others.

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Fauna and Flora Observation

Cueva de los Guácharos NNP is the perfect place to observe fauna and flora. There are land mammals such as Andean bear, weasel, pudú and mountain tapir. There are also at least 50 species of butterflies in the area.

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Photography and Video

The scenic beauty of Cueva de los Guácharos NNP make it an ideal place for this activity, although, if the photos or video are intended for commercial use or publication, a permit must be obtained from Parques Nacionales Naturales.

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