Macuira National Natural Park

General Description

Macuira National Natural Park appears as an oasis in the midst of the semi-desert area of the Alta Guajira and it is one of the few mountain elevations in the zone. Additionally, it has a unique ecosystem of bird biodiversity for which it deserves the designation of Important Bird and Biodiversity Area (IBA).

Especial recommendations

  • Access to the cloud elfin forest is restricted.
  • Be vaccinated against yellow fever 10 days before the planned date of your trip and carry your immunization records.
  • We recommend you always travel with a local guide.
  • We also recommend you do not travel alone on the dirt roads since each year they are modified by the streams, marshes and ponds created during rainy season.
  • It is a good idea to contact local indigenous authorities at Nazareth or neighboring settlements to explain to them the purpose of the trip and to hire a guide.
  • A Venezuelan visa is necessary if you wish to travel through the Venezuelan route.

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Mapa del Parque