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Procedures for Visiting The National Natural Parks of Colombia

1. Know which parks have been habilitated for ecotourism in Colombia.  (In the last 4 areas, there are no lodging facilities, but neighboring communities provide services for visitors.)

· Amacayacu NNP.  (Information:  Aviatur, Tels. 2431640, 3442748)

· Gorgona NNP.  (Information: Aviatur, Tels. Listed above)

· Tayrona NNP.  State of Magdalena. (Information:  Aviatur, Tels. Listed above)

· Los Nevados NNP.  (Information:  Aviatur, Tels. Listed above)

· Otún Quimbaya NNP

· Corales del Rosario and San Bernardo NNP

· Old Providence NNP

· Puracé NNP

· Cocuy NNP

· Malpelo Flora and Fauna Sanctuary

· Chingaza NNP

· Iguaque Flora and Fauna Sanctuary

· Los Flamencos F and F Sanctuary (Information: Tel.(5) 7282636)

· Macuira NNP. (Information: preceding tel.)

· Los Estoraques Unique Natural Area. (Information: Tel.(7) 6349418/23)

· Sanquianga NNP. (Information:  Tel.(2) 6543719, 6543720)

• Tatamá NNP.  (Information: Tels. (4) 2346566, 4220884, 4220883, (6) 3687964)


2. Select the area you wish to visit.


3. Make a reservation at the Office of Ecotourism and Attention to Visitors in any of the following cities:

· Bogotá (Carrera 10 No. 20-30, tels.2431643, 2432009, 3413712)

· Medellín (Calle 49 No. 79-29, tels. 2346566, 4220884, 4220883)

· Bucaramanga (Avenida Quebradaseca No. 30-44, tels. 349418, 349423, 454868)

• Email [email protected]


When making a reservation, give the exact dates of entry and exit to and from the park and the names and identifications of the persons who will be visiting it.  If you make your reservations by email or fax, the National Park Service will send you a confirmation within the next two working days.  Groups of more than 10 people must send a letter giving the name of the protected area they will visit, the dates of entry and departure, the names and identification numbers of the persons who will enter the park.  The letter should be mailed to Cesar Rey, Subdirector Tecnico de Parques Nacionales Naturales. During peak tourism seasons, reservations should be requested two months ahead of the travel date, and in off season with one month anticipation of the travel date.


4. Deposit the required fees in the Banco de Bogotá, using the deposit slip for recaudos nacionales and including the following information:

Cuenta No. 03417556 - 2
Nombre: Fondo Nacional Ambiental
Codigo Cuenta:  9909
NOTE:  Before making the deposit, be sure the Park Service has confirmed your reservation.

5. Present the deposit slip (pink and blue copies and an additional photocopy) at the Oficina de Ecoturismo y Atencion a Visitantes in Bogotá or Bucaramanga.  See addresses above.

The Ecotourism Office will provide you with an entry permit.  Office hours:  8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday to Friday.


6. When you arrive at the protected area, present your entry permit.


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